Since 1984, more than 1500 executives, managers and engineers have been supported by Scott to amend leadership behaviors that no longer serve their current situation.  Scott has work with over eighty companies in the United States, Europe, and the Far East. 

In December 2000, he collaborated with the Generative Leadership Group to merge his Relationship Technology with their Organizational Technologies. Mr. Taylor has been a businessman, teacher, speaker and workshop facilitator for tens of thousands of individuals since 1970. He speaks on such topics such as executive development; surviving success by balancing professional and personal lives; the real agenda behind conflict; handling failure, doubt and fear; compulsive-addictive process in the individual, corporation and society; myth as a business metaphor; and the application of General Systems theory in the business of leadership. 

Mr. Taylor has been associated with two foundations involved in sending business consultants to Russia. Their objective was to teach business men and women how to operate in a free market economy. 

Mr. Taylor has been featured in the Business Monday section of the San Jose Mercury News, interviewed on various radio and television shows, written three workbooks for professionals and has given workshops at civic, professional and community groups around the world. 

He attended graduate school and taught Cybernetic Systems at San Jose State University, is in Who's Who, and is a veteran of the Viet Nam conflict.  He lives with his son Brenden in Grass Valley, California.

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