3 - Reminder...

ONE:  The lack of the Five Core Intentions (To be Seen, Understood, Accepted, Chosen and Valued) is at the root of all difficult behavior and communications with others.

TWO: The desire for the Five Core Intentions is universal and unconditional. There are no exceptions.

THREE:  The Five Core Intentions are the “What’s Missing” in all work, personal and social relationships. This is true for every human being who has lived in the past, is living now or for those born in the future.

FOUR:  We have all experienced feeling seen, understood, accepted, chosen and valued. However, the universal challenge is to keep those feeling present when in difficult conversations or deepening relationships.

FIVE:  What we will share on this website is why we are unable to maintain those five intentions in conversation and then find ourselves out of sync and in trouble. We call this phenomena of getting out of sync with others the Relationship Anomaly.


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