CHOICE The act or opportunity of choosing or the thing chosen.
OPTION Implies a power to choose that is specifically granted or guaranteed.
ALTERNATE Implies a necessity to choose one and reject another possibility.
PREFERENCE Suggests the guidance of choice by one's judgment or predilections.
SELECTION Implies a wide range of choice.
ELECTION Implies an end or purpose, which requires exercise of judgment.

• Every small choice made today brings about a dramatically different tomorrow.

• Choosing to follow our highest sense of right is done by trusting ideas that we are unsure will work.

• We have constant choice to rise above dead systems; to refuse to be part of those systems that separate people and create fear.

• No one can help someone whose problem is the denial of the problem.

• No matter how intelligent or deserving we are, will never be better off unless are willing to shed the skin of our habitual past.

• It is uncomfortable enough to experience failure when we let go of a failed choice, but it's worse still when the choices we've been living our life by turn out to be wrong.

• In the end it's the choices we made to learn, grow and stretch that really matter.

• We design our lives through the power of choices.

• We can change anything, at anytime, by choice.

• Powerful ideas are impotent unless made in some way to make life better.

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