First to learn to be seen, understood, accepted, chosen and valued from others - friend, spouse, child, boss, coworker etc..

Second is the first goal in reverse: To show others in your life that you see, understand, accept, choose and value them with your words and behavior.

You will learn to be in healthy conversations with anyone interested in:

  • Feeling appreciation rather than shame.
  • Being promoted instead of demoted. 
  • Looking forward to the future rather than to a deteriorating job or marriage.
  • Experiencing fulfillment instead of feelings of guilt, hurt, rage and avoidance.
  • Enjoying extended family rather than avoiding friends or in-laws.
  • Finding new, healthy relationships instead of the same toxic ones.

You will learn that value not only in people’s behavior, but in their CORE INTENTIONS.

  • Core Intentions can only be accessed with Intentional Language.
  • Intentional Language addresses behavior, but it also asks questions that speak directly to the other person’s Core Intentions.
  • Intentional language keeps a person in the conversation, it pulls them in rather than pushing them away.
  • The choice of words is crucial.
  • The result is an immediate & dramatic change in the way other’s listen and behave. 

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