Questions About Relationship

QUESTIONS About Relationship

Where did I come from?

What am I supposed to do while here?

What is my relationship to others?

Where will I go when finished?

Does life have meaning?

How can I really know the answers to these questions


A sense of a within (consciousness, unconsciousness, shadow, primitive).

A sense of a body that I live in.

A sense of continuation beyond death.

A sense of connection to something greater than myself


The Purpose of Life is Relationship.

Relationship is about being and becoming.

Relationship implies wholeness and intimacy, both intra-personally and inter-personally.

The function of interpersonal Relationship is to mirror the conscious and the unconscious continuum.

Healthy Relationship requires renewed skills and an ever expanding meta-perspective of life.

A healthy intimate Relationship is simultaneously an intimacy with all beings.

The best and worst of each person are mirrored in each Relationship. 

We are linked to all humankind by the air we breathe.  We are each others breath.



Balance is about being conscious of and monitoring boundaries.

To remain balanced, learn to edit, challenge, and simplify boundaries. 

Edit life.  Edit thoughts, writing, meetings, actions and words to be sure of doing essential meaningful things.

Understand that stress is a stop sign.  Stop and find out how imbalanced started.

There are only so many slices in a pie.  It gets real messy if you pile more on top.

There is more payoff in being happy rather than right.

You don't have to swing at every ball pitched to you.



All that we love and hate will eventually track us down and envelop us.

All people seek truth regardless of family, custom, prejudice or tradition.

Do something for yourself and keep it a secret.  Do something for another and keep it a secret.

Getting healthy requires doing the things that are often uncomfortable, but leave a positive residue.

We push our own buttons.

Live life with a Purpose that is bigger than your desires.

Don't be in a hurry for anything to be over.

Notice where others don't look or go, then make that place your own.

Live by example, by appreciation, and for a purpose that will take more than one lifetime to fulfill.

Empty out a closet or drawer and resist re-filling it again.



A radical and permanent resolution of problems only comes when we are 100% responsible for choosing and creating a rich and fulfilling life.

What we don't understand we fear.  What we fear we destroy.

Only when awake can anger transform into laughter.

It's better to make a mistake with full force of your being than to avoid mistakes with a trembling spirit.

People are either paying attention, paying for attention or praying for attention.



Think often about your eventual death.  Befriend death.

Take life one moment at a time.  Each moment is a birth and death.  Each moment is full of power.



Work is about relationships first, then products and services.

The total resources available are limited only to your vision, commitment, experience and political skills.

Promise a lot and then deliver more.

Provide services more valuable than the rewards received.

Taking time to relax, have fun and reflect are signs that the work is going well.  Those who are not healthy will see you as lazy and unproductive.

Always take time to love those who have no love to give in return right now.




Consciousness instantly links itself to the person being counseled.

Engage the client in terms appropriate for their highest good.

Caring and compassion are at the heart of service.

Become a channel of active love and be clear in your purpose when giving counsel.

Call people to a fuller life in their presentrelationships and environments.

Undo the burial wrappings of deadened thought-forms.

In truth, no evaluation from anyone is needed.  Each must find the answer within.   Options can be offered, suggestions, overlooked consequences, support, and guidance on awakening the sleeping knowledge within.  The responsibility is always theirs.

Learn to listen to love when it restrains your speech, and says, "Listen unconditionally."

The element of caring deeply shapes each encounter.  What I find in you must also be in me.

Each one of us can grow towards a working connection so strong, so steady, and so clean, that we could become channels of resources from beyond our own reserves.

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