Reclaiming Relationship Responsibility

If we are to reclaim our responsibility to create safe physical, emotional, intellectual and spiritual environments for those we live and work with, our survival hardwiring must be made conscious and new relationship skills made applicable to everyday life. 

 To be responsible, we need new models of relationship that take into account the powerful influence of survival hardwiring and its effect on our relationships. We also need to understand the positive aspects of survival hardwiring that make us abundantly generative, creative & focused, despite its darker side.  The darker side that shows up as behavior that was appropriate when surviving as children, but no longer appropriate for adult situations.

Behavior’s Relationship To Productivity


These sessions will show a construct that uncovers & uses Core Intentional Language to generate communication options in difficult interpersonal conversations, allowing us to be successful with a wider range of significant people.  Together we will explore why we run out of options and how we can reconstruct & regenerate relationships that have broken down moments

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