Roles and Responsibility

Purpose of Workshop

This group exercise requires one to three days to complete depending on the participants and their desired results.  Roles & Responsibilities will create a true feeling of being a team in the shortest amount of time, create channels for cross-functional accountability and resolve the most basic needs of team members such as:

What are my team member’s real functions?

What are they working on and in what sequence?

What are their priorities?

What are they accountable for and to whom?

How are they accountable to my organization?

What are they doing to be collaborative?

How can I support their efforts?



Each person uses one flip-chart page to describe his or her roles and responsibilities.

On a second sheet of paper, the roles and responsibilities are transferred to a Pie Chart and sections are broken down into percentage of time spent on each function.

Starting with the boss, one page is posted before the group.

The person gives an overview of their roles and responsibilities.

Next, each person is asked “Is this what you need (Name) to do in order for you to be successful?”

Each person is given the opportunity to ask for what they need.

  Action items are written down on a second sheet of flip-chart paper.


Post Workshop

Roles & responsibilities are summarized in a Pie Chart (See Pie Chart below)

Pie Charts are posted in office space.

Pie Charts are used to negotiate whenever new job responsibilities are discussed, changes made in priorities, etc.


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