Team Development


PHASE I     Assessment and Data Gathering

         1.  Questions and Expectations?

Flesh out details, expected results, discuss measurements of process                           effectiveness, and fears surrounding the process.

 "What's Missing?" to be the most effective and productive team?

What are the strengths and weaknesses of management and                                          the employees personal group?

What are the blockages that cause poor productivity?

Are there technical, administrative and/or interpersonal                                          handicaps in the group?

         2.  Clients?

                  •Who should be interviewed to obtain expected results

                  •What questions should be asked

         3.  Issues?

                  •Employee moral

                  •Poor communications

                  •Employee selection process

                  •Career development process

                  •Performance reviews

         4.  System performance?

                  •Introvert or extrovert

                  •Survival or proactive

                  •What are the communication and information pathways

                  •Degree of projection on the organization, other groups or individuals

         4.  Unexpected findings?


5.  Data Evaluation?

To what extent were the following found or observed in the interview                              and data collection process:

                           ••Victim syndrome

                           ••Lack of responsibility/authority

                           ••Negative attitude

                           ••Rumors, myths, unwritten rules used for justification

                           ••Lack of understanding of different management styles


PHASE II  Data Translation and Solution Strategy

         1.  Prepare a written report and present findings.

         2.  Present recommendations for Phases III, IV and V.

         3.  Prepare executive client for implementation of solution strategy
 (i.e., coaching, group work, team development...).


PHASE III  Implement Recommendations to Management Staff

         1.  Prepare management group prior to them working with their employees.

                  •One-on-one coaching

                  •Three-way meetings with staff member, executive and consultant


"Gathering' with management staff

         2.  Obtain agreement from all management staff regarding the results 
of the data collected from Division assessment before proceeding to Team Development with other employee groups.

PHASE IV  Implement Recommendations to Employee Groups

         1.  Obtain agreement from all employee groups regarding the results
of the data collected from Division assessment.

         2.  Team Development Program

                  •Team Development Wheel

                  •Five Stages of Team Development

                  •Twelve Core Characteristics of Teams

PHASE V  Follow-up and Evaluation of Results

         1.  What has actually changed?

         2.  Were commitments honored?

         3.  What are the observable strengths and weaknesses of the program?

         4.  Future directions?

         5.  "What's Missing?" to be the most effective and productive team?

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