Creative vs Emotional Tension

Creative Tension vsEmotional Tension

 Creative or emotional tension is created by the gap between one's vision (dreams, illusions) and current reality.

  It is an energy potential and it exists as a tension seeking release.

  Emotional tension results from inner survival beliefs in conflict and threatened by the external environment.

  Creative tension is releases by moving towards fulfillment of a vision.

  Emotional tension can be released by lessening one's vision.

  Goals erode because of our low tolerance for emotional tension.

  Eroding of goals, visions, morals, or principles is a gradual process.

  We allow our goals to erode when we choose not to live with tension that which allows an active force to be present.


  Is a shortfall, temporary or fatal, that makes evident the gap between vision and current reality.

  Provides an opportunity for learning a more accurate picture of current reality.

  It is about things that didn't/don't work.

  It is about the clarity of the vision.

  Is the pathway work under your feet as you move forward.

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