Four Rules

Show Up

  • Lead a balanced life between home, vocation and community so you can come to any situation rested, conscious, prepared, full of questions, solutions and energy. 
  • Be sensitive to others needs and pain. 
  • Understand the whole system, the big picture and your own part to play. 
  • Know your intrinsic value in relationships with others.


Pay Attention

  • Be aware of the total environment internally and externally. 
  • Feelings, emotions, intuitions are all working in concert with intellectual, logical and pragmatic skills. 
  • Be aware of deep fundamental issues through the infinite ways others give clues to there desires.

Tell The Truth

  • Rigorous, relentless willingness to see the ways we sabotage, deceive and limit ourselves from seeing reality. 
  • To continually challenge our personal mental models mindsets and theories of how life is. 
  • Commitment to seeing more and more of the "playing field." 
  • Continually deepening our understanding of the structures underlying current events, and our own inner structures with our own conflicts and behavioral problems.

No Attention To Outcomes

  • Do all that is healthy and supportive for others by working your own issues first, second and third.
  • All we can do is recover more and more of what we lost in childhood and re-build our inner structure.
  • Through this effort others will automatically be supported.
  • Then they to will also have the choice to react and be victims, or to learn how to respond and be healthy

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